3 Pathways to Rock Your Career Now with an “Advanced” Scholarship

In an industry that celebrates diversity and unconventionality, one characteristic is universally shared by successful icons and artists – a passion for lifelong learning.  Paying a nod to the curiosity and quest for continual improvement that defines the careers of beauty’s most accomplished artists, the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation offers advanced scholarships to help licensed professionals take their art to a new level.

The following are three Beauty Changes Lives scholarships accepting applications this summer and opening opportunities for licensed professionals to advance and elevate their craft.

1.) The Leo Passage Scholarship: Opening August 1, 2018, the Leo Passage Scholarship celebrates the legacy of the late Leo Passage and offers winners an opportunity to showcase their work on the Beauty Changes Lives Experience runway during America’s Beauty Show, April 28, 2019.  Recent Leo Passage scholarship winners’ work has graced the pages of leading beauty publications including Modern Salon.

2017 Leo Passage Awardees

2.) The Sydell & Arnold Miller Family Foundation’s Student for Life Advanced Cosmetology Scholarship: Opening August 1, 2018, the scholarship funds two $5,000 awards toward an advanced educational program at a beauty school, advanced academy, or manufacturer’s academy program.  The “Student for Life” scholarship is one of a suite of scholarships generously funded by the Sydell & Arnold Miller Family Foundation.

Sydell & Arnold Miller Family Foundation

3.) The CND Master Nail Scholarship is open and accepting scholarships thru September 15, 2018.  Open exclusively to licensed Nail Professionals, the competition awards 15 $1,000 scholarships to licensed nail professionals. Awards can be applied toward open stock product and/or travel (where applicable) for advanced nail education through an Authorized CND Distributor. Nail Professional Tiffany Williams earned a basic “CND Tippi Hedren Scholarship” as a student in 2017, before winning a CND Master Nail Scholarship in 2018. Her work and career trajectory have been featured in NailPro magazine.

CND Master Nail Scholarship

The Beauty Changes Lives Foundation is committed to uniting the beauty industry to support the next generation of beauty and wellness professionals.  More information on advanced scholarships offered by the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation is available here.

Beauty Changes Lives - Scholarships

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