8 Reasons Shear Subscriptions Make Sense

1.) Convenience: Sharp shears are shipped directly to you based upon the schedule of your choice, yet without any business interruptions & fuss.   

Convenience – Avoid Shear Sharpening Interruptions & Risk

2.) Immediate Access to Quality Without the Upfront Cost: All shears include only the highest quality, premium Japanese metal, yet a subscription won’t set you back $300-$800!       

Immediate Access to Quality Without the Upfront Cost

3.) Guiltless Choice: A subscription gives you the choice to switch shears, without the guilt that comes with retiring & stockpiling expensive, unused shears.

Guiltless Choice – Love it or Swap it

4.) Predictability: Tired of wondering which month your shear sharpener might return?  A subscription is automatic and always on schedule.  Set it and forget it. 

Predictability – Set it & Forget It – Never Worry About Sharpening Again

5.) Time is Money: Shears are the connection between you and your paycheck.  Sharp shears enable more proficiency, while avoiding the need to compensate for dull shears by making unnecessary cuts.

Time is Money – Sharp Shears Optimize Your Operations

6.) Reputation: Dull shears can crush or bend your client’s hair cuticles, cause split ends, and leave unclean lines; putting your reputation at risk. A subscription ensures you’ll never be without sharp shears again.

Reputation – You’ll Never Be Without Sharp Shears Again

7.) Comfort: Compensating for dull shears requires heavier hand pressure and additional cuts, which may eventually lead to hand, wrist, and arm problems.  Nobody wants that. 

Comfort – Dull Shears are Dangerous.  Sharp Shears are Fun.

8.) Affordability: Stop accumulating shears you don’t use!  There’s a better way… With a subscription, you pay only for the shears you actually use and you’ll never have to worry about sharpening again!

Affordability – Why You’ll Never Have to Buy Another Shear Again

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