Subscription Program Means Sharp Shears are Always at Fingertips

Rock Paper Shears recently introduced a new subscription program that will change the way stylists access and maintain high-performance shears.  FULL ARTICLE: Modern Salon Magazine

8 Reasons Shear Subscriptions Make Sense

1.) Convenience: Sharp shears are shipped directly to you based upon the schedule of your choice, yet without any business interruptions & fuss. Convenience - Avoid Shear Sharpening Interruptions & Risk 2.) Immediate Access to Quality Without the Upfront Cost: All shears include only the...

We Support Left-Handed Rights

Maybe you’ve met one?  Maybe you know one?  Maybe you even are one, or perhaps you’re a closet lefty because some sick snollygoster forced you to learn to cut with right-handed scissors?  Most beauty shear manufacturers revere the left-handed cosmetologist...

Anatomy of a Beauty Shear

The image below illustrates the anatomy of a beauty scissor.  Parts (and their respective synonyms) include the point, blade, inner blade, back, ride (or "pivot point"), neck, static blade, dynamic blade, finger ring, colored finger inserts, colored bumper (or "silencer" or "stopper"),...

How to Choose Hair Scissors

Everything You Need to Know About How to Choose Hair Scissors