Change the Way You “Buy” Shears – Don’t Buy Them!

8 Reasons Subscriptions Make Sense

We make subscriptions easy

1.) Convenience: Sharp shears are shipped directly to you based upon the schedule of your choice, yet without any business interruptions & fuss.                                                                    5.) Time is Money: Shears are the connection between you and your paycheck.  Sharp shears enable more proficiency, while avoiding the need to compensate for dull shears by making unnecessary cuts.
2.) Immediate Access to Quality Without the Upfront Cost: All shears include only the highest quality, premium Japanese metal, yet a subscription won’t set you back $300-$800!                         6.) Reputation: Dull shears can crush or bend your client’s hair cuticles, cause split ends, and leave unclean lines; putting your reputation at risk. A subscription ensures you’ll never be without sharp shears again.
3.) Guiltless Choice: A subscription gives you the choice to switch shears, without the guilt that comes with retiring & stockpiling expensive, unused shears. 7.) Comfort: Compensating for dull shears requires heavier hand pressure and additional cuts, which may eventually lead to hand, wrist, and arm problems.  Nobody wants that.          

4.) Predictability: Tired of wondering which month your shear sharpener might return?  A subscription is automatic and always on schedule.  Set it and forget it. 

8.) Affordability: Stop accumulating shears you don’t use!  There’s a better way… With a subscription, you pay only for the shears you actually use and you’ll never have to worry about sharpening again!    

Premium Shears:

Premium hair cutting shear subscription starting at $11.99 per month

Elite Shears:

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