New “Tiny Steps” Podcast for Salon Pros, by Carlos Valenzuela

Introduction: It is my sincere pleasure to welcome the Rock Paper Shears community to the Tiny Steps Podcast series From the start, I always felt the Rock Paper Shears concept of leasing expensive salon appliances was brilliant! I am a subscriber, am loving it, and will continue supporting Rock Paper Shears for a long time to come.

What is Tiny Steps all about?  After working behind the chair for 45 years, I have witnessed many industry transitions. I recall the move from commission to lease, from lots of distributors calling on your salon to just a few and seen hair and makeup trends come and go and come again.

I love our industry, and if I was reborn, I believe I would again opt for being a hairdresser. The beauty industry is awesome, but it also takes a toll on a salon professional’s body, health, emotions and finances. Too many of my fellow professionals retire or stop working with little to nothing to show after a lifetime of service. As I near the end of my career, I want to encourage salon professionals to better strategize their needs, their careers and their future. Many of us just leave it to chance. I know my fellow hairdressers well enough to say that the thought of organizing your finances, health and life is a big turnoff. I also know most of us would never follow a complicated course or workbook. So, I created an easy listening program that takes you by the hand and guides you to create the best version of you—your Best Self. You can listen to an episode while waiting for you next client. I also kept the episodes short, all under thirty minutes.  

Tiny Steps in not a technical series, instead, it deals with Salon Professional Wellness, Movement, Nutrition, Finances, Creativity, Social and Environment. We take care of so many people’s needs in the salon and usually come home to take care of a few others. This program urges you to make yourself a priority, to tag your needs and slowly, one Tiny Step at a time make them happen. The podcasts are free and you can send me a question or comment I could address on the air.

If you never listen to my podcast, but read all of the above, I hope it raised your awareness to take better care of yourself. To set yourself as a priority and begin to prepare for a life outside the salon. It is not a selfish act to place your needs first because when you are at your best, you can be of best service to others. Peace.

Carlos Valenzuela shares 45 years of beauty experience at industry shows, seminars, workshops and on Modern Salon Magazine:

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Tiny Steps   You will need to download the Anchor app to listen.

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