Nina Tulio Says “No Call, No Show, No Way!”

Nina Tulio

How many times have you had a client no call or even no show each month? Have you tracked this? I know salons that are losing $400-$800 per week just on no shows alone. That is an incredible hit to a small business.

So let me ask you this? Do you have a system in place for no calls and no shows? I can’t tell you how important it is, not only for your salon and your stylists, but also to be fair to the other clients you are taking care of! Think of it this way. Yes, your business and stylists are losing money! But there are also other clients that would love to take their spot. Especially if you have a waiting list! If someone cancels an hour before their appointment, it’s most likely you will not have enough time to fill it.  Here are a some things to think about when implementing a new system or even tweaking the one you have!

1.) What is your cancelation policy? 24 hours? 48? Decide which is best for you and then be sure to announce it to your clients! This can be through email campaigns, pic frames with the announcement on the desk, and on social media. And be sure to have this on your website and have the receptionist tell all new clients about the cancellation policy!

2.) Deposits: Quite a few salons have been implementing a deposit policy! You have to decide if this works for your business. And if it does, then decide what the deposit will be? Half of service? A flat fee? Is it only on large ticket service? These are some of the questions to ask yourself. Again, be sure to communicate this with your clients!

Be fair, protect your stylists, your business, and keep it simple for the client! You will never be able to eliminate no calls and no shows. But you sure can minimize the risk!

Nina Tulio (Instagram @Nina2leo) is a former salon owner and stylist that has been in the business for 22 years.  After much success and 11 years in business, Nina has since sold her salon. She is now dedicating 150% of her time to continue to inspire, educate, and empower salon owners and stylists through her online courses, onsite salon education, and one on one coaching. Click here to download her Stylist Tracking Sheet to track your progress towards becoming a six-figure stylist: 1NAgency.

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