Shear Subscriptions Allow Stylists to “Set It & Forget It”

Shear Subscriptions - Set it and forget it

There’s now a more affordable and more convenient way for professional stylists to access high-end shears, without the stress and uncertainty that comes from managing when and how your dull shears will be sharpened.  Rock Paper Shears’ unique subscription program is helping stylists declutter their overloaded mental hard drives by taking the routine shear sharpening task off their to-do lists.

The need for sharp shears is predictable, yet the effort to ensure shears are routinely sharpened is often an unnecessarily stressful and uncertain process.  Stylists often stress that a shear sharpener will irreparably damage their expensive shears.  Rock Paper Shears eliminates that possibility because by owning and sharpening its own expansive fleet of shears, it bears the burden of precision sharpening.  Additionally, many stylists do not know which day, week, or even the month that they will see their next shear sharpener.  This uncertainty creates even more unnecessary stress; causing yet one more thing to worry about on an already overloaded to-do list.

With all the juggling between work and home, it is no wonder stylists often feel overwhelmed trying to remember all of their tasks and commitments on their seemingly never-ending to-do lists.  With a shear subscription, Rock Paper Shears enables stylists to “set it and forget it”.  Not only does Rock Paper Shears take tasks off stylists’ to-do lists, but it also provides the reminder that the sharpening task needs doing.  Remembering consumes space on our brains, which leads to anxiety and a sense of being overwhelmed.  As a subscriber, you do not have to remember or coordinate your next sharpening.  Instead, your life is made easier and you never have to worry about shear sharpening again.  Not only do you conveniently receive sharp shears to your door on a regular subscription cycle of your choice (every 4 or 6-months), but you have the benefit of knowing that you no longer have to remember the task ever again.

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