We Support Left-Handed Rights

Maybe you’ve met one?  Maybe you know one?  Maybe you even are one, or perhaps you’re a closet lefty because some sick snollygoster forced you to learn to cut with right-handed scissors? 

Most beauty shear manufacturers revere the left-handed cosmetologist or barber as an enigma, but lefties do exist.  Few of these manufacturers actually stock left-handed shears, and when they do, some go as far as to charge a premium price for what’s basically the same as its right-handed counterpart.  Rock • Paper • Shears says bollocks to this!  So with some encouragement from our subscriber Micayla in Maine, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added a selection of left-handed shears, with plans to expand into more styles soon!  Take me the lefties already!  Left-handed Shears 

Premium - 2 Left-handed Shears with Traditional Handle (Black) (Modified)

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